Services We Provide

  • Genealogical Research - We assist visitors to the library in this
    area.  If you are unable to visit but would like research done e-
    mail us at or send a letter to 310
    West 3rd Street London, KY 40741. .  We will provide
    approximately an hour of research at no cost except for copies
    (25 cents each) and shipping and handling charges.  Since the
    society is all volunteers you may not get an immediate reply. It
    helps if you ask specific questions and give us enough
    information to permit us to do the research. Please tell us the
    sources which you have already searched so we don't waste
    time duplicating your searches.
  • Storage of Artifacts and Documents - We will gladly make
    copies of family photos at no charge and store them or you may
    donate originals if you wish.