According to the United States Constitution a census is to be
taken every 10 years.  The first census was taken in 1790.  The
census is not released to the public until 72 years later.  Most
of the 1890 census was lost due to fire and water damage
before it was released to the public.  A number of states,
Kentucky included, has the 1890 Civil War Veterans available.
  The information included on the census varied from census
to census.  In 1830 and 1840 only the name of the head of
household was listed.  Other members of the household were
listed by age group under male and female headings.  Starting
in 1850 each person in the household was listed by name,
age, and sex.  The 1860 census in KY often listed the country of
birth.  Relationship to the head of the household was listed
starting in 1880.  Other information included place of birth for
the individual and each parent, ability to read and write, and
value of property.  In 1900 and 1910 the census also listed the
number of children born, number of children living, and the
number of years married.
  Laurel County became a county in 1826 so the first census
for Laurel County began in 1830.  At the society we have
transcribed from microfilm each available census except the
1940 and the 1900 which was transcribed by Carol Hopper.
These books are available for sale.  The 1850 and 1880
census books published by the society have additional
annotations gleaned from marriage, cemetery and other family
  Some school censuses are available in the county court
clerk's office.  The society has been transcribing them and
listing them in our newsletter.
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                   CENSUS PRICE LIST

1830-1840 Laurel County Census  $6.00
1850 Laurel County  Census  $10.00
1860 Laurel County Census  $8.00
1870 Laurel County Census  $16.00
1880 Annotated Laurel County Census  $28.00
1910 Laurel County Census  $35.00
1920 Laurel County Census Volume 1  $17.00
1920 Laurel County Census Volume 2  $17.00
1930 Laurel County Census Volume 1  $30.00
1930 Laurel County Census Volume  2 $30.0