Laurel County Marriage Book AA for years 1826-1853

This was first published in 1986 and revised in 1995.  It includes the
names of the bride, groom, witnesses and person officiating and
the dates the license was obtained and the marriage was
performed. Price $5.00 plus $3.00 for postage and handling

Laurel County Marriage Index for Brides and Grooms

This was published in 1996 in separate volumes for the brides and
grooms.  Both volumes are arranged alphabetically. This
information was transcribed from the microfilm copy of the Groom's
Index.  The original index is located in the Laurel County Court
Clerk's office.  The index only lists the names of the bride, groom,
and date of license/marriage.  We did not attempt to verify
information found in the index.  The actual records include more
information and may vary from the information in the index.  Price
$22.00 per volume plus $5.00 for postage and handling
Postage and handling:

1 book $6
Each additional book $2
Newsletters $3 per issue or $6 per set
If ordering please send a check payable to
Laurel County Historical Society and mail it

Laurel County Historical Society
310 West 3rd Street
London KY 40741